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Relocating to a new city and determining affordability in a new city can be difficult. Livability is also a big concern for a new resident. In 2019, El Dorado Kansas was never more abundantly populated in its history since it was established in 1868. At more than 13,000 permanent residents, the population has steadily grown since 2010, by attracting those who want to live in a city with greater affordability, lower crime, post K-12 educational options, less traffic (including smog), and access to a wider variety of recreational opportunities within a short distance.


According to Zillow, the median home price in El Dorado, Kansas, is $88,600. In contrast, Wichita is more than 44% more expensive at $127,900 per median home price and nearly double the cost per square foot. The median home value in Bel Aire is $191,109. These are just a few of the many reasons people decide to move to El Dorado. The average rent in El Wichita, according to is $1,391, while in El Dorado stands at only $737. The same site states that El Dorado has a 59.3% homeownership rate, which is higher than the national average. This means many people choose to live here, rather than rent. These residents are making a direct investment as a homeowner into the Butler County area. Believe it or not, we have had residents request to purchase the homes they are leasing from El Dorado Houses for Rent. That is how much our tenants enjoy the homes we rent. We think these facts say a lot about the community of El Dorado and our property management company.


Educational Options
Everyone knows a solid foundation of education is essential in navigating the complexities of the employment world and your financial future. A small city can assist in allowing one to focus on those educational goals without the distraction of big city life. Additionally, it is cheaper to live and study in El Dorado, Kansas. A compounding effect on your monthly budget. Butler Community College, initially established in 1927 as El Dorado Junior College, is the 2nd largest community college, and the 6th largest higher education institution in Kansas. Nearly 13,000 students attend Butler yearly from a variety of ethnic backgrounds from around the world, from high school students to senior citizens. Which certificate, certification, or degree will you choose?

El Dorado College

Parks & Trails

Traffic & Pollution
Did someone say traffic? Everyone that knows what traffic is, they just call it people on the move. Maybe a few traffic lights, but other than that, not much to speak of really, except around the 5 o’clock hour. However, let us be honest; it is only traffic to the residents of El Dorado but not by those who come from bigger cities. No ozone warnings here! Less traffic means less smog, and less smog means healthier running throughout the day. That means an overall healthier lifestyle. Is this what you are looking for? We thought so!


So now that you have looked through some of the great benefits of moving to El Dorado, Kansas, check out our rental property availability or give us a call to see when the next home will be available. Or continue to look at our community page to understand more about local employment opportunities, shopping, dining, recreational activities, and parks.


Want to know what all your costs for your rental house might be? The following resources will allow you to calculate the potential affordability of moving into a home managed by El Dorado Houses for Rent.


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