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Renting or Leasing your real estate investment property with a new renter does not need to be complicated. El Dorado Houses for Rent successfully places renters in homes for landlords like you every day. El Dorado Houses for Rent understands the importance of getting your home rented quickly, for the most money, and with the best renters. We approach property management with consistency, professionalism, and a focus on protecting your real estate property. In just a few practical steps, we will have your real estate investment property ready for the rental market and rented to a responsible renter in Butler County, Kansas.


Price and Prepare Your Rental Property
We know the Butler County and El Dorado Rent and property management market. El Dorado Houses for Rent understand its cyclical needs and availability. We will price your home to ensure it is competitive, attractive to high-quality renters, and at the same time, maximizing your rental income potential.


Once we determine a rent price, we will do a thorough walk-through with our maintenance experts and talk to you about any upgrades, renovations, or repairs that are necessary before we begin showing the home to renters. If you are not sure how to rent your home, hours, or apartment, contact El Dorado Houses for Rent for your property management needs.


Annual Property Inspections
Our property management services will include performing an annual review of your property. Conducting the review will ensure that the property is kept in the best possible condition. A property management inspection will also protect and preserve your real estate property investment. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in upkeep and maintenance.


We do offer special incentives for homeowners who are listing their homes with us for the first time. The specials will be provided if a formal 3rd party home inspection is performed and services are rendered by our company before the first move-in if necessary. This ensures that everyone will be aware of past corrections, current problems, or problematic issues that are on the horizon. This will provide additional assurances that your home will be protected, preserved, and safe for any prospective renter of your property under our care.


Professional Remodeling and Maintenance
El Dorado Houses for rent has a licensed and experienced remodeling and update renovation team. This team has doubled the size of existing homes, added on garages, siding, decks, replaced driveways, renovated kitchens with cabinet installs, bathroom updates, and provided bump-outs to rental properties. These home advancements were part of an overall strategy to advance the property’s rental value potential, but also make the space more livable to modern standards and make staying in the home more enjoyable for renters. This approach is a quality, not quantity approach to real estate investing.


Online Marketing and Easy Rental Property Showings
El Dorado Houses for Rent uses the latest technology and platforms to rent your property. Your listings will be in front of potential renters online and in the El Dorado and Butler County Kansas area.


Showings are seamless with El Dorado Houses for Rent. Prospective renters can easily schedule showings and take their time at the property. We are always available to answer questions and help renters through the rental application process in Butler County.

Screening and Placing a Renter for your Home
The benefits of a professional property management company are immediately apparent when it comes to renter and tenant screening. We handle each application consistently and fairly, using our nationwide access to credit histories, criminal backgrounds, and other reports. We will talk to former landlords, verify income, and make sure the renters are who they say they are. Once we find an approved renter for your home, we will collect the security deposit and prepare for move-in.


Lease Agreements, Photos, and Utility Confirmation
El Dorado Houses for Rent handles all lease agreements, deposits, utility confirmations, and any other legal rental documents for your property. We also keep up-to-date photos of the home, apartment, townhome, or condo. With every new renter or homeowner, take the time to explain the rental conditions and responsibilities.


Rent Collection and Maintenance Management
El Dorado Houses for Rent collect rent payments from renters and resolve any issues with payment or failure to pay. We also manage the maintenance of the property through our trusted vendors and specialists. We have experience in maintenance issues and provide preventative maintenance regularly to prevent costly repairs in the future.


Eviction and Collections
Most evictions cost between $600 and $2,000. Therefore, it is essential to have an excellent background check done on a potential renter. Evictions are uncommon with El Dorado Houses for Rent because of our extensive renter screening process. However, if we need to remove a renter from your real estate property investment, we will handle serving notices to attending hearings on your behalf.


Accounting and Reporting
El Dorado Houses for Rent provides accurate and detailed bookkeeping services for your property, as well as financial reports and analyses. Everything from budgets and statements to tax preparation and automated check handling (ACH), we handle all the real estate property business tasks, so you do not have to.


If you are looking for the best property management company for your suite, home, apartment building, townhome, or condo, contact us at El Dorado Houses for Rent in Butler County Kansas. Our property management team will be happy to assist you in Potwin, Prospect, Rosalia, Towanda, Andover, Augusta, Benton, Leon, and naturally El Dorado, Kansas.

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