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El Dorado Houses for Rent LLC was founded in the Spring of 2017. A consortium of long-established real estate and property management locals began managing a small group of homes. This small group of rental homes spent a year in the remodeling phase. At the same time, the property management company worked out its internal marketing plan for rental homeowners and connecting future guest residents or tenants of rental properties to our homes through our real estate logistics.


Today, the company has grown in the number of houses and is currently being managed by a core team from which the company initially sprouted. El Dorado Houses for Rent is fortunate to know who is buying, selling, renting, managing, and providing specialized contracting services on homes in and around El Dorado, Kansas. Having these connections allows us to further the agendas of both our homeowners that need to rent their real estate properties for the most return and our tenant’s living standards both now and in the future.


El Dorado Houses for Rent Team Members


Rental Property Home

Deborah S. Freeman

Services Offered:

  • Remodel Project Management
  • Lease Renewal
  • Eviction Termination
  • Rent Collection & Notices
  • Property Advertising
  • Move In / Out Inspection
  • Tenant / Resident Screening
  • Deposit & Lease Agreement
  • Scheduled Maintenance

Deborah’s knowledge about the local rental market well exceeds her age. She knows the ins and outs of the entire El Dorado, Kansas real estate market. Her father owns Reverend Rick Freeman of Rick’s Lawn & Remodeling. Growing up, she worked alongside her father for many of the local real estate investors, landlords, homeowners, and property management companies. We do not have an exact count, but we’re pretty sure she’s been in half the homes in El Dorado. From El Dorado House’s for Rent’s perspective, we consider that an accomplishment.


Now, after working with El Dorado Houses for Rent, Rick’s Lawn & Remodeling, and her interest in the history of homeownership in Butler County, she is well-adapted for property management of the real estate in El Dorado, Kansas. She is a great asset to the team, and many of our residents have provided high praise for her management skills.


Rent Properties House

Joshua P. Freeman

Services offered:

  • Butler County Contractor Permits
  • Kansas State, County, & Federal Codes
  • General Contractor / Labor License
  • Cabinetry & Finishing
  • Landscaping & Tree Trimming / Pruning
  • Floor, Tile, & Carpet Laying
  • Garage Door & Door Hanging
  • Skylight & Sun Tube Installation
  • Contractor Insured
  • Recessed Ceiling Installs

Josh’s knowledge about the local real estate market goes well beyond working with El Dorado Houses for Rent. Josh started working under his father, Reverend Rick Freeman of Rick’s Lawn & Remodeling, at an early age for many of the local real estate investors, landlords, and personal homeowners. He led El Dorado Houses for Rent’s first remodel on a home near Park Avenue and Summit Street while working for Rick Freeman in 2017. In 2018, Josh decided to take on more ambitious projects, less lawn care and sought to have more leadership. While he prefers to work a standard work shift, he knows when to put in the extra work, but more importantly, how to do it! Now, after working with El Dorado Houses for Rent and working with Josh directly, we know that he is a great asset to the property management team. Our lease-holding residents appreciate his expeditious nature, and our homeowners recognize his due diligence.


Home for Rent El Dorado


Principles & Standards of El Dorado Houses for Rent


El Dorado Houses for Rent will always be honest with each other, our residents, and our homeowners. We operate a truth-based property management company with high levels of accountability, regardless of how it affects us individually or as a company.


Personal Discipline

Our property management professionals commit themselves to daily disciplines both inside and outside the property management company. The positive habits we create in life impacts El Dorado Houses for Rent and those who rely on us. Property management is not an easy business. There is no substitute for disciplined habits when striving to be the best.



Without sacrificing our core beliefs, we will always put the property management team (our Owners, our Residents, and each other) first. Individually, we can only achieve so much, but as a team, everyone can meet or exceed expectations and goals.


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